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Client Service Standards

Working with Tompkins Financial Advisors, you will receive comprehensive advice from a team of highly qualified and experienced financial professionals, dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances. To ensure our service meets your expectations, we’ve outlined the following service standards:

Sound Financial Solutions

The advice you get from a wealth advisor should be based on your goals—not the goals of your wealth management firm. To ensure this, we offer no proprietary financial products and have no investment banking conflicts. As a result, we are able to be independent and objective in our advice. We can choose leading money managers to help you best pursue your investment goals.

Constantly Current

Keeping the management of your finances current will help ensure that we remain on target toward helping you reach your goals. We will meet with you on an agreed upon schedule in order to review your situation and meet your needs. We also request that you meet with us when you have a life changing event such as a marriage, divorce, job change or promotion, retirement, death of a loved one or birth of a child or grandchild.

Full Information for a Perfect Fit

We want to make your wealth management plan as complete, appropriate and customized as possible. By sharing with us all of your financial information, including liabilities and assets not held with us, we can provide you with comprehensive advice tailored specifically to your situation. The more information we know about you, your family, your financial picture and your goals, the better we can help you plan to reach those goals.

Never Stop Learning

We believe in education, for both you and us. We will provide the information you need about financial topics and do our best to make them understandable. We ask that if you are unsure or uncomfortable with any of the concepts we present, you ask for clarification. We promise to continually educate ourselves so we can provide you knowledgeable advice on investment products and strategies.

Best-In-Class Personalized Wealth Management